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Our Glass Bottom Boats

Custom made vessels with large glass panels enable you to clearly see the spectacular marine life below.

Both Reefviewer and Ningaloo Coral Explorer are designed with an ease of embarking and disembarking in mind. Both are stocked with quality snorkelling gear (including prescription masks for the short-sighted customers), variety of flotation devices including pool noodles, snorkelling vests, etc. If needs be, both vessels can depart simultaneously.

a close up of a swimming pool


With its incredibly shallow draft, easily accessible glass panels and environmentally-friendly and quiet twin 30hp 4-stroke outboards, the Reefviewer is perfect for short-term Coral Viewing and Snorkelling cruises (up to two hours in duration) around Ningaloo.

Reefviewer is surveyed for 30 passengers + 2 crew (WA’s 1-C survey).

a blue and white boat sitting next to a body of water

Ningaloo Coral Explorer II

Reaching speeds of up to 20 knots, the Exmouths largest glass bottom boat the “Ningaloo Coral Explorer II” is a fast and robust vessel that is very well suited for both short and long-term reef viewing and snorkelling tours, whale watching and sunset tours.

Capable of traveling both inside and outside of the reef (which is where we will undoubtedly be heading out on longer tours if the weather/ocean conditions are suitable!) the Ningaloo Coral Explorer II can bring the excitement of larger marine species such as manta rays, sharks, humpback whales and dolphins.

A special loading ramp at the bow (front) of the vessel allows it to embark on the beach even.

Other conveniences include an onboard toilet, and mobile charging facilities.

Ningaloo Coral Explorer is surveyed for 31 passengers + 2 crew (WA’s 1-C survey).