A Bit of Background

In the past, we have made numerous donations consisting of tour vouchers and cash given to various fundraising activities, clubs and organizations. While “giving” was very rewarding to us we have usually been solicited for the above prizes by someone in one way or another. Over the years we have slowly matured to take on a more pro active approach in helping others by seeking out those in need ourselves.

…In December 2011 we suddenly found ourselves in need. Alek’s unfortunate fumble into shallow waters of the Ningaloo Reef resulted in a Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)   flight from Exmouth to Perth with a suspected fractured neck. Our words can barely describe how nerve-wrecking this was for our family. Hours seemed to drag on for days until a spinal specialist confirmed that there was no long-term damage. Those hours were some of the longest of our lives…

Back in the paradise of Ningaloo, we of course knew how lucky we were. We also realised that without organisations such as the RFDS, things could have been much different.”

The Idea

We wish to announce that as of 1st April 2012 we would like to become more involved with helping others in need. We call it “Giving is the Greatest Reward” . With this commitment we hope to share our happiness with others – like a Good Karma. We have committed ourselves to give away to those in need $1 from every adult and every child who books on any of our glass bottom boat tours.

Several selected charities, organizations or simply even a family who is down on their luck will receive a cash donation from us. Above philanthropy is by no means driven because we’re abundantly wealthy or anything – it is simply our way of trying to make an “idealistic” (in our minds) world a better place.
Charities :

Below please find the list of upcoming recipients of our “Giving is the Greatest Reward” idea. With time, we hope for the list below to grow . While we welcome, we do not ask anyone for any donations to “help our cause” – we simply ask for you to help us in identifying those in need .

Charities We Are Currently Raising Funds For