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Archive: Dec 2015

Exmouth by Travellinginabox

Yesterday we arrived in Exmouth following an overnight stop on the side of the road at the Big 4 caravan park where we are booked in for 4 nights. We were trying to get into the national park for an additional 2 nights but it is booked out. Exmouth is home to the Ningaloo reef….

Coral Viewing And Snorkelling Tours In Exmouth

In addition to our visit to Coral Bay , we joined a snorkelling tour in Exmouth . Like Coral Bay, Exmouth also offers the opportunity to snorkel on the Ningaloo Coast , a UNESCO World Heritage Site . We were delighted to join Ningaloo Ecology Cruises on their Glass Bottom Boat tour which allowed us to get up close and personal with the natural wonders of the reef. As you glide through the crystal clear water you can marvel at the colourful and 1,000 years old coral, swim with turtles and tropical fish. They offer a few different tour options ranging from coral viewing and snorkelling to exclusive tours that can be tailored to your needs. The moment you book with them the tour is guaranteed regardless of numbers. This is how much your hosts , Alek and Gina, love…

Northern Guardian Newspaper (Australia – WA)

The Northern Guardian Newspaper did a great article on Alec and the philosophy behind our Helping Others program in the article “Giving is the greatest reward according to boatie” by Branwen Smith, published Wednesday.

Australia & New Zealand Magazine (UK)

We are proud to have been featured in the article “Into the Wild Blue Yonder” by Marie Barbieri in the April 2012 edition of Australia & New Zealand Magazine (UK)

Australian Traveller (Australia – WA)

Ningaloo Ecology Tours was included in the article “100 BEST VIEWS “in the April/May 2012 edition of Australian Traveller (Australia – WA).

Ocean Drive Magazine (Australia – WA)

Ningaloo Ecology Tours made it into the Ocean Drive Magazine in an article called “BOTTOMS UP” by Branwen Smith and published in the summer of 2012.